Do you want to have a company which will be remembered by it's customers?

You need something which will surprise them and can always remind them about you! As coffee and tea lovers, we believe that these drinks are perfect for all occasions. Both coffee and tea have something magical – now, you can offer this magic to your clients. How? Try out an unique advertising product. Which product? This depends on you- there are lots of possibilities: metal tea tins featuring a logo of your company, small or large containers labeled with your brand, bespoke wooden boxes featuring your choice of tea or coffee. We are ready to meet even the most extraordinary expectations – you just need to call or email and tell us what kind of product you would like to order. Originality is important-Many corporate gifts become so ubiquitous that they lose their value, even if they are branded. An elegant tin or box with stylish printing, engraving or decoupage is an unique and valued gift and the recipient will surely place this in a visible site and will not forget about your company !

A custom-made design, especially for your company, is ready in "client area".